‘Bond’ with the best: Collab with UN officer from Indore

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‘Bond’ with the best: Collab with UN officer from Indore

  Posted On :  24 December 2022 ‘Bond’ with the best: Collab with UN officer from Indore

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Did you know that Indore Municipal Corporation was the first municipal body to come up with a public issue as a green bond? It will be launched in the coming days! The person collaborating for the same is a young officer from Indore, who is now principal policy officer at United Nations, New York.

Meet 31-year-old Siddharth Rajhans, an Indori who made it big in the world at the age 31 and feels that every Indori has the potential for the same, but needs to execute the vision and study the market thoroughly.

Discussing green bonds, Rajhans said, “I have personally collaborated with Pushyamitraji and Smart cities Indore. I think there is a great scope and vision with the team here.”

In his plans for Indore, Rajhans said, “I have been working with the central and state governments to bring in the latest technologies, including the A-I backed Smart city deployment tools, Satellite Internet and backend development ops platforms for better civic engagement.” He is going to invest and bring these technologies as part of the Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas 2023.

Strategic presence makes Indore, a Smart City


Indore has developed rapidly in the last 10 years. Today, Indore is as developed as any city in the US, with good roads, great cleanliness and good civic sense and infrastructure.

The strategic presence of Indore as a commercial capital makes it a great reason to be a smart city. Further, civic administration, from IMC to Indore Smart cities are doing a great job.

IT cos see bigger hope in Indore than in


It is completely possible at least for the IT sector in Indore to surpass Hyderabad and Bangalore in the coming decade. The companies here - TCS, Infosys, Accenture are all working in full capacity now. They have much bigger campuses in Indore than the ones in Mumbai and Trivandrum. Also, we have a boom in the start-up sector. I think in the next part of this decade, we have a brilliant opportunity to be number one on the IT map of the country.

Learn geopolitics for global biz

Young Indoris who want to expand their businesses globally need to understand global geopolitics and market strategies. You cannot aim to succeed without thorough market knowledge. An essential reminder is “Do not fail to experiment”.

You cannot learn from books, what you can from practice. So go out there and explore things.

Indori lives on… suggestions for visitors

I love adding a little bit of spice or Jeeravan to whatever I eat. I think that is something quintessentially Indori in me.



I think Chappan Dukaan and Palasia are really nice places to hang out.


Anything around Sarafa! I also think Johnny hot dog is the best place to have quick, yummy fast food.

Must-see places

Super Corridor, Phoenix Citadel, Chappan Dukaan, Palasia, Gulawat Lotus Valley etc.

Things to do in Indore

Shopping around Rajwada, books at Khajuri, several things to eat, lots to explore!

Food must-try in Indore

Dahi vada at Joshi Dahi bada.

Message for readers

Keep your heart young and your mind alive! Indore is the best amalgamation of culture, language and modern development. Come with an open mind and Indore will welcome you back.

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