URC Construction Launched Final Segment For Indore Metro's Super Corridor

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URC Construction Launched Final Segment For Indore Metro's Super Corridor

  Posted On :  Tuesday, March 12, 2024 URC Construction Launched Final Segment For Indore Metro's Super Corridor

Indore, India (Metro Rail Today): In a significant accomplishment for the Indore Metro Phase 1 project, URC Construction marked a major milestone by completing the casting of the final segment for Package IN-03. This achievement, celebrated on March 11, 2024, underscores the progress of the 33.53 km Indore Metro Yellow Line's elevated section, connecting MR10 Road to Gandhi Nagar stations primarily along the Super Corridor Road.

URC Construction, operating under a subcontract from Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. (RVNL), successfully cast all 3302 segments for the 10.927 km Package IN-03. This pivotal elevated section has been a crucial component of the Indore Metro Phase 1 project, contributing to the city's expanding metro network.

The journey began in April 2022 when URCC's team cast their first segment for Package IN-03. Each segment boasts a top width of 8.5m and a bottom width of 3.5m and weighs approximately 37 MT. Subsequently, workers commenced the segment launching process in July 2022, connecting Super Corridor 2 to Super Corridor 3 stations.

RVNL, having secured a Rs. 1034 crore contract for Package IN-03 in September 2021, entrusted the construction work to URC Construction as part of their subcontracting strategy. The overall project encompasses a 33.53 km stretch and carries a deadline of 847 days (2.32 years).

URC Construction's responsibilities extend beyond the casting of segments. They are tasked with constructing a 575m depot line and nine elevated stations at strategic locations. The stations include Gandhi Nagar, Super Corridor 6, Super Corridor 5, Super Corridor 4, Super Corridor 3, Super Corridor 2, Super Corridor 1, Bhawarsala Square, and MR 10 Road. This comprehensive approach ensures the holistic development of the metro network, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for Indore residents.

With the casting of the final segment, Indore Metro Phase 1 is advancing steadily towards its completion. Trial runs on a 5.8 km portion of Package IN-03 commenced in mid-September 2023, spanning from Gandhi Nagar Depot to Super Corridor-3 stations. The introduction of the second Alstom train in February 2024 further emphasizes the commitment to operational readiness and efficiency.

The successful collaboration between RVNL and URC Construction showcased through the completion of Package IN-03's casting, is a testament to the collective effort invested in transforming Indore's transportation landscape. As the project progresses, it sets the stage for a more connected and accessible Indore, positioning the city on the map of modern and efficient metro systems.

Source : https://metrorailtoday.com/news/urc-construction-launched-final-segment-for-indore-metros-super-corridor

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